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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Off to Ireland...

The last 20 hours have been very crazy. The end result is that I'm walking out the door to head to Chicago to catch a flight to Dublin. Against my better judgment and definitely against the advice of Coach Ihmels I'm racing a 5k road race on Thursday and then a 6k cross country race on Sunday. One thing that I haven't said much about is the injury that I sustained while in New York. Before my race that day I went out for my usual shake out run, but slipped on some ice. I hit my knee on a curb and it stung like mad. I don't think it effected my physical performance but I didn't run the next day because the pain was pretty bad. After getting it looked at by our trainer, Travis McCathie, I went ahead and ran easy mileage last week. Thankfully on Sunday I had my loyal chiropractor friend, Dr. Reggie Clifton, look at it and reassure me that it would be fine (after a small adjustment). I just did a few light 200's on the track and that's the first "quality" running that I've done since the USATF 4k championships. Hopefully there is good news to report the next time I find a computer.


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