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Monday, January 30, 2006

ISU Open 3000 meters

The recap post is slow in appearing because Cass and I recently broke my computer while wrestling so my internet access is definitely limited. There's not much to say about the race anyway. I'm embarassed with how I ran the first half because I started way in the back and contemplated dropping out before the gun even sounded. I didn't have any confidence in my fitness and even though the pace felt really easy I struggled to stay in contact with the leaders. After a few laps I eventually joined the lead pack and then decided I would lead a couple laps to help the ISU guys before I dropped out. Once I took the lead I just kept going and I probably led all of the last 1500 (but I'm not exactly sure). The only split that I paid any attention to was the 1500 split. We were 4:12 and my second half was 4:03 for a finishing time of 8:15.09. I was happy to feel that comfortable the last half of the race and I'm sure that I can run close to 8:00 right now despite the set backs in training. It's just a matter of gaining some confidence over the next week or so and then getting in the mix at the ISU Classic here in Ames on February 11. Hopefully I'll get a solid race in before I head to NYC for the cross country championships on the 18th.


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