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Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Coaching" a national champ...

I forgot to mention in the last post that in the junior race on Sunday ISU had a huge day. Our two runners both had great races with big personal bests. Kiel Uhl won his first national championship in 23:50 and will be respresenting the US in the world cross country championships in Japan in April. Jory Zunich was 24th (yep, one spot worse than me) but he had a great race and got a new personal best of 25:08 for 8k. Considering that I only ran 27:01 as a freshman for that distance I'd say they're both doing pretty well. Here's a link to a video of Kiel's race:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So-- I did google you like you told me to and I did find quite a few articles about you, Blake. I have never met one before but I guess you do sound like a 'professional' runner. (Even though you were AT THE BARS!) haha. I guess all guys you meet at the bars aren't.... whatever they are. So yah- glad I got to meet you. Just got to let you know- you are now going to be my ideal. I seriously love athletes and now that I know you are making up your times.... haha! Well...I guess keep in touch- otherwise I will have a cool story to tell others. Nice to meet you!
The KD from UNL-

3:00 AM


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