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Friday, February 13, 2009

ISU Classic 5k Tomorrow

I flew into Des Moines last night and it's definitely good to be back in Iowa. Since I lived in Ames for three years and grew up here in Osceola it's a homecoming in a couple different ways. Although Colorado Springs is starting to feel like home, yesterday's trip definitely reminded me that I'll always call Iowa home. I've never really been one for sunsets but flying into Des Moines at dusk I found a new appreciation for Iowa's western horizon. This winter in Colorado Springs the sun has tucked behind the mountains in the afternoon and all of a sudden it's dark. The only other notable thing about the trip was that I was on the same flight as a couple of the guys from flotrack. I forgot that the meet director, Travis Hartke, told me that he was flying them into cover the meet. Here's a link to the coverage of the ISU Classic: Anyway, I went for a quick shake out run this morning in a snow here in Osceola. I didn't feel good and one thought crossed my mind "Thank God I'm not running cross country tomorrow." Hopefully I feel better tomorrow but Mark Misch and I both agree that me feeling crappy is probably a good sign.


Blogger mfranks said...

good job today blake. Houston and I found your results today.
Were you pleased with that? Not a PR but a decent opener?
good luck with training and everything.

5:15 PM


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