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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fountain Valley School Coaching Position, Among Other Random Tidbits

I'm sitting in the Colorado Springs airport with my good friend Mark Misch and the UCCS contingent headed for the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. There are a couple things that I overlooked in my last post and a couple pieces of news from this week. I'll start with the folks that I overlooked because I don't want to say another word without mentioning my new bff and Charlotte training partner, Meagan Nedlow. She recently left her job as a rep for Brooks and went back to school at Queens University to get a master's degree and use the rest of her eligibility. We did a lot of running and even more sitting on the couch watching reality tv. I also need to mention my new massage therapist. Since I got back from the trip home for Christmas I've been to see Larry Guerin twice. In addition to being a good guy and working at Boulder Running Company, he's one heck of a masseur. In our circle of friends, he's affectionately known as Larry "Love Hands" Guerin and I'm sure he'd be very pleased to know that I've now put it in writing. The days since my last post have been relatively eventful. On Monday I was officially offered a high school coaching position at Fountain Valley School, a boarding school near my house. It seems like a great community and I'm excited about getting the chance to work with the team this spring. The FVS campus is only about a fifteen minute drive and it's complete with a brand new outdoor track, an indoor swimming pool, wireless Internet and a dining hall, all of which I'll have access to. Check out the website: On Tuesday I worked out for the first time with my friend Ryan Kirkpatrick. I only did two and a half miles of quality running but it worked out that Ryan and I were able to do a good part of our workouts together. In 2007 he ran 13:19.68 and was one of less than a dozen Americans with the Olympic A standard going into the Olympic Trials last year. It's definitely great to train with him and he's a great dude to boot. After working out with Ryan I showered and headed down to Jack Quinn's Irish Pub for their Tuesday night running club. Cody Hill the manager of the Boulder Running Company was there with a couple reps for an adidas promotion for the club. Since I'm running for Boulder Running Company /adidas these days I felt like I should be there but it was good to hang out with Cody and the Jack Quinn's folks are always fun. I think it's the largest running club in North America. Check out the website: My groin injury that's bothered me off and on for more than a year has been especially bad this week. Mr. Tommy Neal has done a lot to help me get it right and I'm hoping to be fully functional by Saturday. One last thing that I've been meaning to post for a while is that I will definitely be running the 5000 at the Iowa State Classic next Saturday (Valentine's Day). It should be a good chance to test my fitness and I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends in the area.


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