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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Running Times Article & Flotrack Euro-tour

I hope that all the mess from Eugene gets left behind soon, but there is a great Running Times article about what happened. Here's the link: Also, check out the podcast at the end for excerpts from the interview. The dorms that I'm staying in here in Leuven play host to a number of other elite runners. A couple of my good friends from Canada are staying in a building a few hundred meters from mine but there are a lot of Americans. Along with the crew is Ryan from Flotrack. I haven't seen any of the videos but I'm sure that I don't make any appearances. I've talked with Ryan casually but I'm sure the main thing that would come up in an interview would be the trials and that's not a priority for me right now so that's what it is. Ryan seems like a great guy and I'm sure that the videos he's made are pretty typical stuff about the day-to-day life here in the Leuven dorms. Here's a link: I might be racing tomorrow at another Flander's Cup Meeting in Brasschaat. I'll post results if it happens.


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