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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Olympic Trials Insanity

For those of you who looked for my name in the results or on the tv, I'm sorry to disappoint. In a twist of events I was not admitted to the field. I'm home from Eugene and I'm exhausted. There is still a lot going on related to my appeal but based on advice from my attorney I won't go into details right now. What I will do is provide an interesting read posted by a very famous and mainstream running journalist. Mr. Amby Burfoot is writing a blog for RunnersWorld and I'm sure this will be a continually developing story.


Blogger Blake said...

Here's another story...

1:50 PM

Blogger Blake said...

I guess you'll have to copy and paste that into a new browser, sorry I didn't get it to link.

1:51 PM


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