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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Halifax Bridge Mile

The trip ended up being much longer than I had originally planned. The race went well and here's an article: I got home today after a sleepless night in the Chicago airport last night. I say this with almost every post but I plan to post a lot more soon.


Anonymous Mike Pearce said...

Blake: Stumbled upon your blog and it's great to learn about your running career. I was one of the Murray kids that ran XC with you in Osceola. I live in Portland now and from looks of your blog you're no stranger to Stumptown. Sorry about Eugene. The Gouchers are royalty here. Drop me a line if you need anything. Mike Pearce

12:27 PM

Anonymous Hipp said...

Congrats on the win Mr. Boldon!

9:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Blake. Glad to see your doing so well.
Reggie Clifton

10:52 AM

Blogger emjudd75 said...

Big E told me about the blog. great to see you are doing well, keep it buddy. - mateer

11:03 AM


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