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Monday, February 16, 2009

Iowa State Classic 5k Results

It was a great weekend and just like any good trip I wish I could have been back in Iowa for a few more days. The race was great because I felt like there were people cheering for me all the way around the track. I had a lot of fun catching up with the athletes at Iowa State and I'm very thankful that Coach Hartke and Coach Ihmels went out of their way to help me make it back to the meet. I also owe a big thanks to Greg Hipp for yelling my 800 splits to me. They were - 2:15.76, 2:15.87, 2:13.80, 2:13.01, 2:13.84, and 2:45.45 for the last 1000 meters. My time was 14:00.20 and I led the last 1200 meters. Jayden Russ did a great job of setting the pace and it was good to see him while he's back visiting from Australia. There's probably a whole lot more to say about the weekend but all I can really think to say is thanks to everybody that came out and all those that were there to cheer me on. My little sister, Marissa, and her boyfriend made the drive from Muscatine and my mom and I got to spend Saturday and Sunday with my other sister, Margo, and her family. The highlight of the weekend might have been when my three-year old nephew, Quinten, with the prodding of his five-year old brother, Avery, decided to color his pee-pee with a marker. Uncle Blake should have had the common sense to prevent the situation but I was way too busy laughing. Here's a link to the full meet results: Flotrack Interview from right after the race: Here's the flotrack coverage of the race:


Blogger mfranks said...

Nice opener Blake. Houston and I saw the results. Good luck with everything.

Oh, btw. I am writing an article in one of my classes on the commercialization of track and field and I came across some news paper transcripts about the appeals process from the Olympic Trials. I'm sorry if thats a sore topic to bring up... the whole thing just pisses me off every time I read it.
glad to see you are doing well though.

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