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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Back on Two Feet

Thanks to everybody who emailed or called with well wishes in the last couple weeks. I'm proud to say that I only missed one day of running with my sprain, but I'm embarrassed to say that for a while I had convinced myself that I had broken my fibula. I've done a little research on my injury and I'm pretty sure that I've discovered a new injury known as a 24 hour fracture. If it doesn't exist yet, it should. In either case, last Sunday I saw my loyal doctor friend, Dr. Reggie Clifton, and he reassured me that no serious damage had been done. After going to bed early I spent most of the night in the bathroom staring down the toilet. In one night I lost between five and seven pounds and on Monday I was only able to stumble to run 2 miles because I was so light headed and tired. After a couple really sluggish days I got back on track and I'm ready to roll this week. I'm still down a couple pounds and there's a little swelling in my ankle but otherwise I'm fit and ready to head to California in a couple weeks.


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