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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Downtown 5k Results

The race went well but I didn't finish as high as I was hoping and my time was slower than hoped. There were a lot of silver linings and I am fit, healthy and ready for a solid fall of training. I was about 4:27 for the first mile (equal to my high school personal best for 1600 meters) and I was under 9 minutes for 2 miles (8:58 I think, which is 50 seconds faster than my high school best for 3200 meters). The last mile wasn't so pretty and my lack of race specific training showed as I finished in 14:22. The temperature was upwards of 80 degrees and it was pretty sunny. Afterwards I could tell that I had given a solid effort as I struggled to make it through the finish shoot on two feet. Complete results can be found here: There's a picture of the pack at the first mile at: I'm in the back right in white over blue, already showing signs that the pace is getting to me. Check out the photo gallery for other pics of the race but must not be much of a Blake Boldon fan because I didn't get any solo shots. Here's another one of me running next to my roommate for the weekend, Luke Watson: A special thanks to Paul Harkins for letting me stay at his place on Sunday night and being such a hospitable host. Also, a thank you goes out to Charlie Breagy, Tony Vinci and the rest of the Providence Downtown 5k crew for making it such a great weekend.


Anonymous Alison W. said...

I just randomly came across this in a blog search. I looked through my photos of the CVS Downtown 5k and the reason we didn't post any shots of you -- despite being HUGE Blake Boldon fans -- on eliterunning is that neither of the ones we got is very good. But if you'd like to see either of the ones we have, let me know (webmaster (at) eliterunning dot com) and I can e-mail them to you.

2:15 PM


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