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Monday, June 26, 2006

USATF Results

After a two and a half hour rain delay in Indianapolis, I finally ran the final. I was dissappointed with my tenth place finish. I was in the mix through two laps and as the pace started to gradually pick up I found myself losing positions. By the start of the last lap I was already in tenth place and watched the rest of the field pull away. I don't know what happened with the television coverage, but because of the rain delay ESPN only showed highlights of the men's 1500 (which obviously didn't inlcude me). Here's a link to the final results: I have one race left for the season. It's the 5th Season 8k in Cedar Rapids on July 4. It's a world class event, just up the street so I'm excited to go back this year. It will be my first road race (aside from the road mile in Eugene) since the 5k in Ireland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am on vacation on the 4th... perfect timing for me to come watch you run! haha.


3:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

blake, you're one of the few people i know who are bold enough to do what they love. (well, there's nelson mandela, but i'm not counting him right now).

all the best in cedar rapids.

12:03 AM


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