This web log was created to keep you up to date with the athletic pursuits of Blake Boldon. It will be updated regularly with competition schedules, results, and photos.

Monday, January 30, 2006

ISU Open 3000 meters

The recap post is slow in appearing because Cass and I recently broke my computer while wrestling so my internet access is definitely limited. There's not much to say about the race anyway. I'm embarassed with how I ran the first half because I started way in the back and contemplated dropping out before the gun even sounded. I didn't have any confidence in my fitness and even though the pace felt really easy I struggled to stay in contact with the leaders. After a few laps I eventually joined the lead pack and then decided I would lead a couple laps to help the ISU guys before I dropped out. Once I took the lead I just kept going and I probably led all of the last 1500 (but I'm not exactly sure). The only split that I paid any attention to was the 1500 split. We were 4:12 and my second half was 4:03 for a finishing time of 8:15.09. I was happy to feel that comfortable the last half of the race and I'm sure that I can run close to 8:00 right now despite the set backs in training. It's just a matter of gaining some confidence over the next week or so and then getting in the mix at the ISU Classic here in Ames on February 11. Hopefully I'll get a solid race in before I head to NYC for the cross country championships on the 18th.

Friday, January 27, 2006

ISU Open, January 28 - Heat Sheet

In the revised schedule the men's 3000 meters starts at 4:55. The first heat should start right about then and I'll be in the second of two sections. Here's a list of competitiors in case you're interested: 1 Ricky Reusser Iowa State 2 Jarod Wall Central Miss 3 Blake Bolden Isu Unatt 4 Kory Cool Johnson Coun 5 Kiel Uhl Iowa State 6 Dan Taylor Iowa State 7 Guor Majak Isu Unatt 8 Jory Zunich Isu Unatt 9 Brian Mullenbach Wartburg Col 10 Matt Dewald U. South Dak 11 Rikki hacker Unattached 12 Ryan Patrick Johnson Coun 13 John Ricardi Iowa State 14 Ben Grant Loras Colleg 15 Andy Tremble Lewis Univer 16 Matt Schneider Wayne State 17 Stephen Gicharu Butler Commu I'm not sure that this format will work, but take it for what it is. If you're in the area then definitely come and check out the race. This week I got my first two workouts in a while, so I know that I'm physically able to race but I'm not sure where my fitness level is. It could be an interesting experiment.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good News, Bad News, and the Rest of the Story...

Let's start with the the good news - I've made my first magazine cover. Although I've included a glimpse, I'm sure that you'll want to reserve your copy now. Check it out at: The bad news is that training isn't going as planned. For about the last month it has been one thing after another. It started the week before Christmas when I had to take three days off for a calf strain. After rebounding from that injury I finished a solid week of running just in time for one of the bones in my foot to become inflamed during a long run on December 31. After 2 days off, several different opinions, a week of conservative training, and another day off I got back on track. Within a week of training I managed two quality sessions before a freak injury. Right now I'm struggling with a strained intercostal muscle, which is a fancy way of saying that my rib cage hurts when I breath or move. I took another day off, it's uncomfortable to run and I won't be lifting weights for a while but it's manageable. The plan for the rest of the indoor season is up in the air at the moment, but nothing has changed for outdoor track. I'm tentatively planning on running the 3k at our home meet here in Ames on Saturday, but it will depend on how training goes in the next day or two. I'll post a definite plan for the next few weeks by Thursday.