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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drake Relays Heat Sheet

Here's the heat sheet for the mile at Drake on Saturday. I'm scheduled to run at 2:51 that afternoon. For some reason, Coach Lynn here at Iowa State still hasn't learned how to spell my name. Event 61 Men 1 Mile Run Special =============================================================================== Saturday 4/29/2006 - 2:51 PM Name Year School =============================================================================== Section 1 Timed Finals 1 1596 Girts Azis So Wichita St 2 774 Joshy Madathil Sr Kansas 3 6247 Blake Bolden Unattached 4 455 Ryley Miller Fr Georgia 5 6206 Luke Watson Unattached 6 1048 Tipper O'Brien Jr Missouri 7 6303 Toby Henkel Unattached 8 6205 James Karanu Unattached 9 6207 Ryan Kleimenhagen Unattached 10 6208 Hunter Spencer Unattached 11 6209 David Freeman Unattached 12 6301 Simon Kmeth Unattached 13 778 Cameron Schwehr Sr Kansas

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Photo - Mayor of Armagh

After the race the three Americans counted in the team scoring posed for a picture with the mayor of Armagh City, Northern Ireland. From left to right - me, Hunter Spencer (Indiana Invaders), the mayor of Armagh, and Thomas Morgan (ZAP Fitness).

Photo - Armagh Warm-up

I'm still planning on posting more about the trip to LA, but my hamstring is still not acting right so I'll probably wait to post after I have a little bit better perspective. In the meantime I'll post a couple photos that I just got from the trip to Ireland. Here's a photo of the Americans warming up. Pictured from left to right, (although it's hard to tell) Nate Jenkins (Boston, MA), Pat Moulton (Boston, MA), me, Ryan Carrara (Boston, MA) and the back row from left to right is Hunter Spencer (Indianapolis, IN) and Thomas Morgan (Blowing Rock, NC).

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mt. SAC Mile/Pomona-Pitzer Invitational 800

I'm not particularly in the mood to post much about this weekend, but I'll give links to the results from both races that I ran this weekend. In talking with my friend Jeff Stiles earlier today I put it this way - it's races like my mile at Mt. SAC that make the goods ones extra sweet. Here's the 800 at Pomona on Friday: Here's the mile last night at Mt. SAC: (Click on event #543 Men 1 Mile Invitational)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Mt. SAC Relays Heat Sheet

Here's a preliminary list of competitors in the Invitational Mile on Saturday at Mt. SAC... Event 543 Men 1 Mile Run Invitational University/Open =============================================================================== Saturday 4/15/2006 - 7:58 PM World: 3:43.13 1999 Hicham El Guerrouj, Morocco Name Year Team =============================================================================== Section 1 Timed Finals 1 5288 Baojun Tang China 2 6252 Adam Perkins Arkansas 3 4617 Juan Luis Nieves Mexico 4 5253 Jon Rankin Nike 5 6218 Blake Boldon Unat 6 5340 David Rotich Iowa State 7 6248 Peter Kosgei Arkansas 8 4084 Russell Brown Stanford 9 5330 John Jefferson Indiana 10 4576 Alejandro Suarez Mexico 11 6240 Colin Costello Arkansas 12 6177 David Freeman Puerto Rico 13 4279 Jonah Maiyo Arizona 14 4138 Brendon Mahoney Nike Farm Team

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stanford 5k Summary

Last week was a very hectic week. Every day there was a different hurdle. Monday my car go towed. Cass and I spent all Tuesday afternoon at the animal hospital because she was a really sick puppy. Wednesday my friend Ian Gray stopped for the night on his way to the final four. After traveling all day on Thursday I worked with Dan Taylor (the ISU athlete that I was traveling with) trying to find a quality race for him the next day. I spent Friday in bed, trying to match my 14 hours of sleep the night before my last 5k pr. I didn't quite get there, but it was enough that with some Starbucks I made it to the track feeling ready to go. When the race started I got myself in pretty good position near the front of the pack, but in the next two laps I raced horribly and found myself in dead last place. It didn't really worry me, but I knew that it wasn't a place that I could stay for long. I started moving up through the pack and didn't really stop until the last 400. I'm not sure of many splits, but I'm pretty sure that my first mile was right around 4:30 and I was about 9:00 at 3200. My split at 3400 meters stuck in my head and it was 9:34, which would make my last 1600 right at 4:24. I owe a thanks to Greg Hipp at Missouri State and his two athletes Ashley Sanders and Carrie Vestal for cheering me on and getting some of my splits. In addition to the old SMS gang I got to see some of the Florida State crew, including a good chat with Coach Braman and a nice cool down with Andrew Lemoncello, so with the new personal best it was a good night. The next day Dan and I got a good long run in downtown San Francisco, including a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge (fun once, but probably not twice). After a trip to the Stanford track to see my friend Ed Gordon and a trip to the Chabot College track (in Hayward, CA) to thank the coach there, Dan and I did some of the typical tourist stuff in San Fran and then caught the red eye home to Des Moines.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stanford 5000 Meter Results

The last couple days have been pretty tiring so this will be brief. Thanks to those of you who have already emailed me and congratulated me on my new personal best. I could have raced better and I was disappointed with my finish but the big improvement to 13:58.99 is a great start for 2006. Here's a link to the race results: (You'll need to click on Event "#7 Men 5000 Meter Run Section 1" on the left side.)