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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Run SMART Project Blog Posts

I guess this blog still pops up on a google search for my name because despite my abondonment a few people have mentioned it to me over the last couple months. For anyone who still follows, I apologize for my absolute absenteeism. Basically my form of blogging has deteriorated to just posting links on my facebook and/or twitter accounts. I have contributed a few times to the blog for the Run SMART Project. In fact, my latest submission went up today. It's a brief reflection on the first step to acheiving something extraordinary athletically. Check it out here. I also submitted one in December about running in the winter time that's probably not quite as relevant on March 15. If you're interested, it's here. Also, reaching further back in the Run SMART archives, I wrote one in October that is a recap of a talk that I've given at a couple high school camps. Here is a link to that piece. If you like any of them or feel that they are particularly relevant to you, please feel free to email me, share the articles on facebook or retweet them on twitter. Right now, the best email address is


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