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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twitter, Here I Come!

I finally decided to catch up with the latest online trend. If you're twittering now you can keep up with me on a more minute-to-minute basis (assuming my ability to keep up with myself). Check me out at .................... It has also been brought to my attention that I need to start using paragraphs when I blog. Rest assured, I do use paragraphs when I type but there's some error in blogger that doesn't recognize my type spaces. So from here on out, I'll use '........................." to indicate a change in paragraph to give your eyes a break from my seeminly endless and rambling paragraph structure.


Blogger rubensanca said...

hey Blake, hope all is going well with you. Do me a favor, telll Nate you want to race the George Davis Invite and see what he says hah.

P.S. keep us updated in your blogs.

6:06 PM


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