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Monday, February 19, 2007

Big River Running Bio

My bio is up on the company's website. Check out my details and information about the whole team here: I think most of the details are set for this weekend's race. I run at 5:40 EST on Saturday afternoon and the meet is scheduled to be televised on ESPN 2 on Sunday from 3 to 5 pm (I'm not sure if that's Eastern or Central time). There are definitely no guarantees that I'll make the coverage but it might be worth checking out. Here is a link to the entries in all the events:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come you don't have a snazzy pics of you on their website?? Congrats on your last race, and I've also been meaning to tell you congrats on your Australian phone (if you still have it!).
Can you guess who this is?!

1:00 PM

Blogger Blake said...

Of course I know who this is. Don't be silly.

And to answer your question - there will be pictures up as soon as there are some of me running in my new jersey.

10:54 PM

Anonymous Martina said...

Interesting to know.

6:21 AM


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