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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day Off (sorta)

After 5 weeks of over 90 miles I definitely missed out on some much needed recovery time and the result is some inflammation in my calf/foot. I won't go into detail but yesterday I didn't run. My friend Travis has given me a few quality treatments and last night he was kind enough to set me up with a session in the SwimEx. I ran for 50 minutes in the water and I do feel better today. I'll give running a try today and hopefully I'm back on track (literally & figuratively) by next week. To see an informational clip about SwimEx at ISU go to: (and watch clip 2 - if you want to see Travis using the SwimEx click on the DVD teaser and choose the Sports Rehab options) Depending on my health, my next race is schedule for February 10th at the Iowa State Classic here in Ames. I'm tentatively planning on racing the 3000 meters that is currently scheduled for 5:55 pm.


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