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Monday, March 05, 2007

Iowan Sub 4 Milers

Here's some trivia that I found really interesting. There are only 3 Iowa high school athletes that have gone on to run under four minutes in the mile. 1. Randy Wilson, Knoxville High School, 3:58.74 (May 11, 1985) 2. Blake Boldon, Clarke Community High School, 3:59.18 (March 3, 2007) 3. Jerome Howe, Treynor High School, 3:59.2h (May 3, 1975)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you contacted the news media in Osceola yet. I am sure your faithfull fans would like to know

12:27 PM

Blogger Blake said...

A friend, Casey Owens, contacted some media outlets for me but I'm not sure what response she received.

2:30 PM


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