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Monday, June 11, 2007

Prefontaine 1500 Meters Results

Results from Saturday night: 1 Will Leer USA 3:41.132 Jordan McNamara Lane CC 3:41.133 Gu Ming China 3:41.684 Sean Jefferson Oregon TC 3;41.965 #5 - Blake Boldon USA 3:43.116 Gabe Jennings USA 3:43.137 Ryan Bok USA 3:43.528 Scott Wall USA 3:43.829 AJ Acosta USA 3;44.0910 Rolf Steier USA 3:45.48 I split 2:56 for 1200, passing the pacesetter shortly after 1000 meters. It was a disapointing outcome, but I'm trying to view it as just another step in preparation for the US Championships in two weeks. Information for that meet can be found here: The preliminary round of the 1500 is on Friday, June 22 at 6:25 pm. I'm in Portland for the night and fly to Omaha tomorrow. I hope to write an account of my trip and finally put something together about earlier races while I'm in the air.


Anonymous Bruin said...

Blake Boldon is my baby's daddy. See ya in Indy!!!!

3:10 PM

Anonymous Cass said...

Where's the up to date coverage on Blake Boldon. You need to fire you publicity manager.

3:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few steps too slow to take out Will Leer. Better luck next time.

2:44 PM


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